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Acting in accordance with our values

Sustainable management from the origin of the raw ingredients to the finished product is the company philosophy that we have been putting into practice for more than 85 years. As a family-run Swiss company, we attach a great deal of importance to sustainability, honesty and transparency.

The significance of sustainability at Holle

Operating sustainably and making a social commitment have always been part of our company’s fundamental values. For us, this means constantly re-evaluating ecological, social and economic issues in the interests of people and nature. In more than 85 years of company history, our Holle sustainability strategy has helped us to become one of the leading manufacturers of organic food for babies and infants.

We are deeply aware of our responsibility towards each other and the future of our little ones. We have shaped our corporate strategy and orientation to enable us to respond flexibly to changes in the extremely dynamic organic market and thus operate efficiently and successfully.

We create structures that can grow with us

People and the environment have always been at the heart of everything we do. After all, this is the only way to create products that deserve being labelled as ‘sustainable’. Over the years, we have developed our corporate structure to nurture and promote this way of thinking whilst also leaving room for progress.



  • assume responsibility for all core tasks, from cultivation and processing to delivery.
  • procure premium raw ingredients – for consistently high quality and safety.
  • maintain long-term, fair partnerships at all levels of value creation.
  • go far beyond the stringent requirements of the baby food sector.
  • develop our recipes in close collaboration with our production partners and align them with nutritional recommendations.
  • constantly inspect our products throughout the entire delivery and production process – with the strictest testing procedures and cutting-edge analytical methods.
‘We operate in accordance with the principle of maximising meaning rather than maximising profit.’
Anne Mutter, CEO Holle baby food AG