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Holle Goat Milk Formula
For babies with a sensitive digestive system

Does your little bundle of joy refuse or not tolerate conventional infant milk? Have you perhaps made a conscious choice to not use cow’s milk altogether? Are you wondering how your baby can still get the best nutrition and grow up healthy?

Infant formula made of goat milk can be a good alternative for babies with a sensitive digestive system. Specially tailored to the needs of infants, this goat milk provides your little one with all the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are important for their growth.

Our Holle Goat Milk Formula is completely free of palm oil and fish oil and provides babies with the saturated fatty acids they require. Unlike cow’s milk, the fatty acids in goat milk are short- and medium-chained and can therefore be absorbed more easily by the baby’s sensitive system. The fat in goat milk also has a naturally high content of palmitic acid – a fatty acid that is particularly important for the development of your baby. The DHA (omega-3) contained in our goat milk is made from algae oil and contributes to the development of vision, while ALA (omega-3) also strengthens the brain and nervous system. The special protein composition of goat milk, which contains only A2 protein, ensures that it is broken down better by digestive enzymes.

By using whole goat milk (instead of skimmed milk) as the main ingredient and fat source, our four age-appropriate formulas have a naturally creamy taste and a lower content of vegetable oils.


Are you wondering which goat milk formula is right for your baby?

Depending on your baby´s age there are different stages of goat milk formula to choose from.

NEW in Demeter quality. Much more than organic.

What exactly does Demeter quality mean? Have you asked yourself that many times, too?

A key feature of Demeter is that it has the most demanding guidelines compared to organic and conventional farming. It not only complies with, but also goes well beyond all EU organic guidelines. For example, in Demeter animal husbandry:

  • Animal hormones or growth regulators are not used
  • At least 50% of Demeter feed must come directly from the farm or from the region
  • Animals have access to fresh air 365 days a year
  • They are allowed to naturally reproduce
  • In addition, the horns of animals are considered to be an important sensory and communication organ, which is why they must not be separated

Demeter quality is therefore much more than organic quality. It’s food of the highest quality!

These standards are based on a unique understanding of agriculture. The golden rule of Demeter is: ‘Make the soil richer.’ It’s about a way of doing business that promotes the concept of getting more out of life. The focus is on a natural cycle of humans, animals and nature that is both holistic and interconnected.

In other words: happy goats equal happy babies!


Incidentally, we at Holle are the only ones to offer infant milk made from goat milk in Demeter quality – even for babies over the age of one.


Want to better understand the holistic nature of Demeter and how it compares to organic products?
Then get even smarter.


Your 11 advantages of Holle Goat Milk Formula

  • Recommended by 98.5% of parents
  • Better digestible – special protein composition and pure formulas
  • No palm oil, no fish oil, no frills
  • The only infant goat milk in Demeter quality
  • Much more than organic! Top-quality baby food for your little one
  • Milk from the Sauerland and southern Black Forest region
  • From a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience
  • In line with the latest research
  • You promote more animal welfare
  • You contribute to the environment with 100% climate-friendly milk
  • For a future that is fit for our grandchildren!

Which Holle Goat Milk Formula is right for your baby?

Goat Milk Formula 1

Holle Goat Milk Formula 1 – from birth – if you are unable to breastfeed

Goat Milk Formula 2

Holle Goat Milk Formula 2 – from the sixth month – with all age-appropriate nutrients

Goat Milk Formula 3

Holle Goat Milk Formula 3 – from the tenth month – tailored to the needs of your baby at that age

Goat Milk Formula 4

Holle Goat Milk Formula 4 – for your baby from one year of age

20 years of experience - Holle Goat Milk Formula

Parents have been using our Holle milk formulas made from goat milk for their babies for over 20 years. This makes us not only one of the first suppliers of this cow’s-milk alternative, but we have also relied on organic goat milk from the very beginning. This year, we became the first manufacturer to offer infant goat milk formula in Demeter quality.

‘More than 20 years ago, Holle looked into possibilities for parents who didn’t want to give their babies formulas based on cow’s milk. Goat milk presents itself as a natural alternative. Goat milk is extremely easy to digest and has a long tradition as a source of nutrition for babies and children all over the world. We therefore started to develop formulas made from goat milk, which we launched onto the market as special baby food based on goat milk in 2001. Back then, the authorities had not yet approved goat milk as a source of animal protein. This changed in 2014. Holle, however, had already satisfied thousands of parents in Europe with the product long before.’

Udo Fischer
Managing Director and Head of Marketing, Communications and Business Development

What do other parents say about Holle Goat Milk?

98.5% of Holle Goat Milk Formula is recommended by other parents.

Baby mit Flasche

A great alternative to cow’s milk.

‘My son has always been intolerant to conventional milk powder from cow’s milk, so I decided to give Holle Goat Milk a go. He doesn’t have any issues at all any more. He loves the milk and it dissolves very easily.’

Babyfreude mit Holle

Ideal for supplemental feeding

"... and a huge improvement in digestion in just a few days."

Babyfreude pur

We had to opt for supplemental feeds

"We deliberately chose goat milk, which is more expensive than cow’s milk. No cramps, no screaming child, no colic. As a mother, I swear by goat milk."

Kind mit Flasche

Top product

"Our daughter loves this milk and has mastered the transition from breastfeeding to goat milk perfectly."

Baby freut sich sehr

Great for sensitive digestive systems

"The best goat’s milk for us: easily digestible – both in terms of taste and consistency."

Holle Goat Milk promotion

For more baaaaaa

But where does Holle Goat Milk actually come from? And why is it more sustainable?

Our goat milk comes from Demeter farms in the Black Forest and the Sauerland region. We have been campaigning for the use of goat milk in the Black Forest since 2012 and thereby promoting the transition to Demeter farming. This preserves small-scale farms and ensures long-term profitability through stable pricing structures. In addition, goat farming generally makes an important contribution to the climate: in dairy farming, it produces  fewer CO2 emissions than dairy cows.

The goat milk obtained from these farms is used for Holle infant milk made from goat milk. We offer our farmers long-term contracts. And demand is steadily increasing.

"2025, we aim to be working with around 20 partner farms throughout the Black Forest, which will mean a total of up to 4,000 goats", states Klaus Brutschin, producer advisor at Holle.

Life on the farm

A visit to two of our Demeter goat farms


Demeterhof Lindenhof

One of our Demeter goat farms is Lindenhof farm in the southern Black Forest. Dairy goat farming is a key business area for the Burkhard family. Demeter farmer Florian grows the feed for the animals himself, while hay and grass silage also come from his own meadows. The species-appropriate husbandry focuses on giving the animals ample space for grazing and exercise on 365 days, allowing natural reproduction and – as is also customary at Demeter – no dehorning. In addition, the goats, which are mainly the breed bunte deutsche Edelziege (coloured German noble goat), get lots of strokes from the whole family.

To Lindenhof

Jockenhof Demeterhof

Jockenhof in Elzach

Brothers and young entrepreneurs Matthias and Alexander Weber of Jockenhof farm in Elzach decided in 2012 at the ages of 22 and 19 to start farming organic dairy goats together – despite their parents not having any business of their own as a backup. They started out with 35 goat kids – today, some 450 goats live on the farm. In addition to the partially covered exercise area in front of the barn , the goats have access to around five hectares of pasture from April to October. The goats are milked twice a day. The goat milk is fed directly into a 5,000-litre tank, where it is stored refrigerated until collection.
In the meantime, the two have also upgraded their farm in terms of sustainability: the roofs of the barn and the machine hall are equipped with a photovoltaic system so that they can generate their own natural electricity.


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