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Promoting healthy and sustainable nutrition

We produce organic baby food and nutrition products of the highest quality. In this way, we promote healthy and sustainable nutrition from the very beginning. Our simple yet varied range of natural products made with a small, high-quality selection of seasonal and regional raw ingredients meet the nutritional needs of babies and small children.

Our quality commitment

At Holle, we are firmly committed to clear quality principles and aims. With them, we always pursue high quality standards and constantly strive for improvement.

Non-contaminated food

We use biodynamic and organic raw ingredients. Through closely coordinated quality analyses at all stages of the value chain, we ensure our compliance with quality standards strictly defined by law for a sensitive target group.

Regional raw ingredients

We use raw ingredients from biodynamic or organic cultivation – and source them regionally wherever possible.

Trustful collaboration

Our close partnerships and many years of trusting collaboration with association-certified farmers ensure the top quality and safety of the raw ingredients we source. Our procurement structures guarantee the complete traceability of ingredients.

Meticulous care during processing

We handle our raw ingredients with care and pay close attention to their gentle processing.

Free from genetic engineering

We guarantee that we do not use any genetically modified raw ingredients or artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives or granulated sugar.

Continuous quality improvement

We develop our range in accordance with the latest nutritional recommendations and are committed to the highest standards of quality through regularly reviewing and improving our recipes and processes.
‘Manufacturing baby food means assuming a high level of responsibility, attaining top quality and guaranteeing the greatest possible safety.
This is what our customers expect of our products. And what we expect of ourselves.’
Martin Richter, Head of Quality Management

Our quality standards: special care for safe products

Upholding the highest duty of care is a matter of course for us and what our customers expect. We are therefore always up to date with state-of-the-art analytical methods, the latest nutrition guidelines and legal provisions. This includes the certification requirements of farming associations such as Demeter as well as legal guidelines for food and packaging in accordance with the applicable regulations in more than 50 countries.


How do we ensure the high quality of our products?

  • Modern analytical methods
  • Quality control throughout the entire supply chain
  • Analyses for any residues and contaminants and comprehensive sensor technology
  • Retained samples of end products and raw ingredients in order to prove the absence of contaminants up to the best-before date.
  • Independent inspections of organic raw ingredients and products by government authorities and independent bodies
  • Our ISO certification: this requires us to comply with a quality management system for food safety

Did you know?

In accordance with legal requirements, products for children under three years of age are subject to special contaminant checks and must comply with stricter limits than conventional products. Holle scrupulously adheres to these for each raw ingredient and batch, and is subject to regular checks by independent institutes.


Holistic nutrition, from the very beginning

Top-quality Holle organic baby food promotes healthy, sustainable nutrition through simplicity and diversity – a natural range of products with a small, high-quality selection of seasonal and regional raw ingredients. Our aim is to provide holistic nutrition for babies and small children.

Food at its purest

By law, baby and infant food must not contain preservatives or artificial flavourings. For our organic baby food, our own Holle criteria go far beyond this, excluding the use of granulated sugar, salt, spices and all flavourings.

Particularly gentle processing

Demeter focuses on particularly gentle processing and prohibits the excessive processing of products. We are firmly committed to preserving the special quality of the organic raw ingredients in our Holle products.

For infant formulas in particular, a special legal framework applies that stipulates which levels of vitamins and minerals need to be added to ensure the healthy development of children. We strictly follow this when developing our recipes.

Responsible range design

From baby to infant to child, Holle offers suitable organic products for all stages. Ensuring a product range that is aligned with their nutritional requirements lies at the very heart of our self-image. In some cases, we go far beyond the requirements of current food laws. For us, this includes regularly raising awareness among parents and our retail partners in accordance with the latest findings in nutritional science.

‘Only products that meet our own standards make it to the shelf.’
Sonja Rieper, Head of Product Management

Product development & recipes

When developing our products, we pay attention to pure, sustainable and age-appropriate recipes. We promote holistic, sustainable nutrition with simple, natural products and only use raw ingredients from biodynamic and organic cultivation.

We use Demeter raw ingredients wherever possible. In addition to compliance with the special legal requirements for our organically produced baby food, we attach importance to several other aspects:

  • Country-specific guidelines and regulations concerning ingredients
  • The strict requirements of organic regulations and organic association standards for ingredients
  • Recommendations of professional associations such as the German Nutrition Society (DGE) and the German Society of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ)
  • The renunciation of all synthetic chemical additives, colourings and preservatives as well as granulated sugar
  • Gentle processing
  • The use of salt only in our Kids range from three years
  • Careful alignment with the age-appropriate needs of children

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