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DIY flower candles in jars


  • old white or light-colored candle remnants (alternatively: soy wax pastilles)
  • dried and pressed small flowers in different colors
  • empty clean jars, e.g. Holle organic baby jars
  • old jars or fireproof bowls for melting wax
  • Candle wicks or natural yarn, e.g. made from cotton or jute
  • Newspaper or cardboard to place underneath
  • a pot
  • clothespins
  • an old paintbrush
  • scissors
  • old board & knife to chop up
  • candles if necessary
  • optional: yarn and dried flowers for decoration
duration: 25 minutes


Place newspaper underneath, set up a bain-marie, remove/clean labels from Holle jars if necessary and cut candle scraps into small pieces and prepare yarn for the wicks if you don’t have any candle wicks.
Melt the wax in old bowls or jars in a bain-marie.
Using an old paintbrush and a little melted wax, carefully “stick” the pressed flowers to the inside of the glass (tip: work calmly but quickly here, as the wax hardens quite quickly on the paintbrush, making it difficult to spread on the delicate flowers. However, the flowers do not have to be completely coated with wax, the main thing is that they no longer slip off the glass wall). Fix the wicks in the middle using clothespins (tip: before you fill the Holle jars completely with wax, let a small amount run in first and set briefly so that the wick is already somewhat stabilized at the bottom). Now carefully fill the Holle jars prepared with flowers with the liquid wax. Then leave the candles to harden completely, shortening the wick if necessary. Decorate with some yarn and a dried flower and the candle is ready to give as a gift (tip: if you are using old candles to melt down, make sure that you remove old wicks and burnt residue before filling the liquid wax into your new Holle jars).