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All about our little ones / Crafting with kids / Upcycling baby jars – lanterns & lantern jars

Upcycling baby jars – lanterns & lantern jars

Craft material

  • Empty, unlabeled and rinsed jars from Holle.Babyfood

  • Colored construction paper / tissue paper

  • Moss, wooden plates, leaves (real or plastic)

  • Tea lights (real or with battery)

  • Scissors, glue, hot glue

  • Decorative ribbons

  • Possl pens to paint on glass

  • Bushes from outside (clean and dry)

duration: 20 minutes


And now it’s time to design and, as always, there are no limits to your imagination. If you use tea lights with battery, you can also include the lids, since you can easily close them when there is no fire that needs the oxygen. For the daring, you can also add ribbons or hangers to hang the lanterns in the window instead of just putting them on the windowsill. Since I’m (unfortunately) a bit of a chicken, it stays with the safetyfirst version for our models though ^^. Show us on Instagram but happy to your brave designs. We ourselves wanted it close to nature, because the baby boy loves the forest and have oriented us to just that. And I must say, I could not be prouder, because the little man has completely designed his own glass and decided what comes on it. By the way, the red balls are supposed to be mushrooms. Isn’t that adorable? I don’t really have to explain much – decide what you want on the jar, put on the glue gun and glue away. The little ones should possibly leave this task to the big ones, since one can already burn oneself. Otherwise, you can just go wild. The little mouse man had so much fun with it and even applauded later when the candles were lit (by the way, this works great with a chesslik skewer if you don’t have long matches). Make sure to copy them! Your little ones will thank you sooo much!

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