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Breast milk is best for your baby

Even before the birth of your baby, an exciting and incomparably beautiful time of discovery and wonder begins. A unique relationship between you and your little one blossoms. In the first months after your baby arrives, alongside love and security, they need one thing above all: proper nutrition.

If you are unable to breastfeed (exclusively)

Sometimes breast milk is not the best nutrition for your little one or is only available in small amounts. If it cannot be increased by more frequent feeds or expressing, infant formula is a helpful supplement or sometimes the only food alternative in the first months of life.

Suitable from the beginning

The composition of infant formula is strictly regulated by law. It provides your child with all the important nutrients for their healthy development if breastfeeding is not possible, or not in sufficient quantities.

Infant formulas (labelled with ‘PRE’ or ‘1’) are suitable for exclusive use or as a supplement from birth. Holle offers you PRE and 1 organic infant formulas made from top-quality Demeter organic cow’s milk as well as PRE and 1 organic infant formulas from goat’s milk in accordance with EU organic standards.


Discover the Holle infant formulas

Organic Infant Formula 1

Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula 1

Organic Infant Formula 1 with A2 milk

Bottles can reduce milk production

Those who wish to bottle-feed only as a supplement should breastfeed more frequently than giving a bottle. Otherwise there is a danger that less and less breast milk will be produced. Plan your breastfeeds and bottle feeds. This will help your body to learn when it needs to produce milk. When breastfeeding, make sure that your little one completely empties the breast. This will ensure that your baby receives both the lower-fat foremilk and the hindmilk, which is richer in fat. This, in turn, encourages your body to produce more milk.


Tips if your baby won’t take the bottle

If your child finds it difficult to drink from a bottle, the following can help:

  • Keep at it: offer the bottle on a regular basis, ideally when your baby isn’t too hungry.
  • Try, if possible, to offer breast milk from the bottle at first; your child is already familiar with it.
  • Try different teat shapes, but don’t overwhelm your child and wait a few days before you introduce a new one.
  • Let someone else give the bottle.

Don’t forget: at the end of the first year of life, children can already learn to drink from a cup!