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Standing up for people & society

Meaningful work, involvement, lifelong learning, trust and appreciation – these are the pillars of our sense of togetherness. As a family business, equal opportunities and quality of life are just as important to us as providing digital ways of working. We are working hard to create a better society with fundraising projects organised by our employees and our company philosophy.

Diversity & variety

We are a company that operates worldwide and, along with our local distribution partners in more than 50 countries, we form a diverse team. Different cultures, nationalities, age groups and skills unite to create the kaleidoscopic diversity that lies at the very heart of our success.

Our company is constantly developing, welcoming a constant stream of new employees and distribution partners in new countries. Our subsidiaries and the organisational structure established as part of our rebranding as a limited company offer all of us exciting opportunities for the future. Together as a team, we create the basis for holistically healthy food for babies and infants.

‘At Holle, we embrace diversity day in, day out, wholeheartedly and in every aspect – and we are proud of it!’
Angelo Ferrara, Executive Board Member


The Holle team: Diverse minds

Overall, our Holle team consists of some 100 employees across our four companies. This results in a veritable melting pot of cultures and nationalities in addition to many different educational and professional backgrounds across all age groups. This blend brings a broad variety of ideas that flow into our daily work and make a significant contribution to the success of our business.

Holle helps: employee fundraising projects

As an internationally active company, we see it as our duty to help young and vulnerable people and families. In light of this, our employee fundraising project has been supporting a wide range of initiatives for years, such as our most recent children’s aid project in Afghanistan. Children and women in particular are supported through educational and medical projects.


Regional commitment

Many Holle employees live in the region and work in the border area. This is why it has always been a matter of course for us to be actively involved and socially committed to our company’s home region and to support its non-profit associations and institutions.

The embodiment of integration

Many refugees are looking for employment prospects and bring good professional and social skills with them. However, getting onto the job market is difficult. At Holle, we are aware of our social responsibility. Together with the company Weleda AG and Zentrum Erlenhof, we have launched a pilot project to provide career guidance to young refugees. In order to help them make career decisions, three young people with a refugee background took part our so-called ‘orientation weeks’. A programme tailored to each participant provided them with good insights into working practices and conditions.

One of the project participants even went on to successfully complete EBA vocational training as an office assistant with us. Through this commitment, we want to inspire more companies to give people with a refugee background a chance to integrate professionally.

Balancing family and work

Tending to the needs of little ones and their families is what matters most to us. This is why we offer our employees flexible, customised working time models to ensure that Holle staff can work in a way that suits their individual situation. We are happy to adapt to family circumstances in order to support parents in their everyday lives. We offer our employees the option to take an additional three months of parental leave after the birth of a child over and above the statutory period, meaning they can take a full six months off to be with their little one.


Holle offers:

  • Flexible and individual working time models
  • Work-from-home options
  • Temporary reductions in workload

Lifelong learning

Our employees play a vital role in the success of Holle. Therefore, we want to create an environment that nurtures and encourages us to come together as a community to develop our company further, offer our own ideas and actively participate in the company’s activities. For the entire management board at Holle, this is not just a matter of course, but rather one of fundamental importance. Our flat hierarchies also make a positive contribution to this.


Holle offers:

  • An active culture of feedback
  • Individual support
  • Numerous training and further education measures
  • Possibility of employment after successful training
  • In-service qualifications